01 avril 2020


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13 March 2020 – MASA Group SA and Teleplan Globe AS have entered into a strategic partnership to develop and demonstrate their integrated Simulation – Battlefield Management System (BMS) for the military and civil security markets.

The strategic relationship between MASA Group, a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence-based simulation software, and Teleplan Globe AS, a Norwegian software company developing tools for decision-makers, was reinforced early 2020 as Teleplan Globe acquired MASA SWORD licenses and received administrator-level training.


Teleplan Globe’s primary objectives with SWORD are to apply the simulation to a whole host of ongoing projects, and to concurrently integrate SWORD into the development, testing, and validation cycles of their BMS.

Furthermore, they aim to closely fuse the simulation with their BMS, to produce a reliable, user-friendly, cost-effective solution for command post exercises. Such a solution would provide direct access to a global view (COP) of the current operation, via their BMS, offer tracking of friendly and enemy forces, report on the operational status/supplies of simulated units, transfer plans to the simulation, and even issue orders to simulated subordinates.

In the same vein the simulation will also be used with the BMS at headquarters for wargaming practice, simulating different Courses of Action (CoAs) in complex tactical situations, demanding decision-making processes that outpace realtime requirements. The simulation will also provide testing of realtime decision-making capabilities in a wide variety of domains, such as Operational/logistic State Dynamic Calculations, Support/Supply Management, Perception Capacities, and Direct Fire Capacities.

“At MASA we are delighted to join forces with Teleplan, and aim to take their BMS to the next level”, said International Sales and Marketing Director Enrico Raue. “Integrating SWORD with BMS is currently in high demand among MASA’s military clients. To date the principal application of the product has been to drive command post exercises, but as time passes we see a constantly rising demand for SWORD as a decision-support tool at headquarters.”

“Teleplan Globe is very pleased to enter into cooperation with MASA to make SWORD a complementary product to our C2 application suite. We strongly believe that our customer will appreciate the option of providing an integrated C2 simulation environment for friendly and enemy forces as basis for scenario planning and military decision support.” said Jan H. Nyegaarden, Director Defence Systems.

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