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Stakeholders simulation

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Adaptive AI for crisis management training for decision makers


SYNERGY is designed around Direct AI, the behavioral and decisional artificial intelligence technology resulting from research at MASA. The modeling of human or non-human behaviors, and the integration of data specific to each situation (field, environment, etc.) can be carried out very quickly thanks to the simplicity of the software and the skills of our team dedicated to security. The situations simulated in SYNERGY are particularly realistic and immerse the crisis unit actors in a very wide range of scenarios.

This software is used by several communities or organizations including:

MASA SYNERGY is used in many countries to study emergency plans and prepare crisis units to respond to large-scale catastrophic events 

SYNERGY is available in 5 languages: French, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic


NATO Center of Excellence






Civil Protection

SYNERGY a solution adapted to all your training and preparation needs.

Thanks to SYNERGY, your teams are ready: MASA allows you to work on BCP (Business Continuity Plan), POI (Internal Operations Plans), PPI (Specific Intervention Plans), PPRT (Technological Risk Prevention Plan), PCS (Communal Safeguard Plans) and other simulation exercises for ISS (Information Systems Security) and crisis management in general.

Several communities or organizations are already using SYNERGY :

  • NATO: Centre of Excellence in Sofia, Bulgaria: scenarios around large-scale disasters

  • R-GDS: simulation of the consequences of a gas explosion in an urban environment

  • ESEQ: validation exercises as part of the safety master's program

  • Seveso sites in Le Havre: scenarios around freshwater pollution affecting several hundred thousand people

  • Flood response exercises in Brazil, Bangladesh, Paris etc...

MASA Synergy pour la gestion des risques

Learn more about SYNERGY


Brochure SYNERGY


Case study ESEQ 

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Case study


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