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Simulating SCORPION – how the French Army is training troops under its core modernisation programme

The French Army’s overarching SCORPION (Synergie du COntact Renforcé par la Polyvalence et l'InfovalorisatiON) modernisation effort covers a new range of vehicles, communications and a C2 system.

Focussed at the all-arms battlegroup level, it embraces a new tactical doctrine known as ‘collaborative combat’. This is centred on rapid sharing of information down to and between individual platforms to achieve information and tactical advantage, and presupposes that dispersed operations will be commonplace.

New training capabilities are of course part of SCORPION, with the aim of developing a networked deployment training system (Système de Préparation a l'Engagement – SPE) which can be used in barracks, at combat training centres (CTCs) or when operationally deployed…

An additional part of the training package is Project SOULT (Simulation pour les Opérations des Unités interarmes et de la Logistique Terrestre), a command and staff training system based on MASA’s SWORD constructive simulator and customised for the French Army. A fresh version is now being developed with much greater emphasis on joint operations.



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