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A gile C ooperative working using K nowledge of S ocial network I nformation S ystems

Date: 2015-2017

Financed by EDA (European Agency of Defense) 

Research project within the framework of a European project financed by the EDA to design a C4ISR of the future, by capitalizing on the innovation of 2 SMEs and a laboratory (FOI, Sweden). The objective is to demonstrate the simultaneous and direct use by a command post of a touch table allowing the schematisation and consolidation of field data


Military Challenge: Operational decision making across the chain of command must aggregate and consolidate increasingly numerous, diverse, and dynamic strategic, tactical, social, cultural, and operational knowledge.Finding and effectively using useful information flows to augment and support collaborative work across time, space, and units is an operational challenge. Because social networking tools can address many of these needs, this project focused on the research and development of innovative "social networking" tools to provide a collaborative, meaning-making environment for transforming information into actionable knowledge.


  • FOI (Swedish defense Research agency, Sweden) - Leader

  • Intactile Design (France)

  • MASA Group


To fit this context, the ACKSIS research project, funded by the European Defence Agency (EDA) within the framework of the ICET 2 programme, led by the Swedish JTF, sought to make the organisation of military commands more agile, i.e. more reactive, versatile, flexible and of course more innovative. Through an associated use of the SWORD Simulator and a theatre of operation conceptualisation environment(Casym, intactile DESIGN), the ACKSIS  system optimises the sharing, representation, manipulation and creation of information according to the hierarchical level and the situations of use, transforming information into naturally represented, exploitable and manipulable knowledge, for the construction, transmission of orders, monitoring of operations, exchange, validation and sharing of knowledge

The ACKSIS  system can also benefit from the assistance of external information sources such as real-time or delayed feedback from social networks regarding an operation or the theatre of the operation, and in particular an analysis of the feelings of local populations.

The objective is therefore to improve the perception, understanding and analysis of a situation in all its complexity in order to improve collaborative decision-making and to accelerate and consolidate the process of building orders.


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