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CERES  by 


C ode for Rapid E nvironmental and Health Assessments _

Date: 09/19/2013 To 07/11/2013

Project Integration with CERES Financed by CEA - Delivered to CEA on July 11, 2013


Its purpose was to carry out an initial integration of the results from the CERES software into SWORDCERES is software, owned by the CEA, which simulates the spatio-temporal distribution of agents, their deposits on accessible surfaces and their transfers inside buildings. Dispersed CBRN agents being possibly toxic, it is crucial to assess the health consequences on responders and populations, particularly in emergency or crisis situations.

This project therefore couples this tool with SWORD in order to propose a system for analyzing and studying the impacts of CBRN incidents on the environment, populations and responders, by combining the capacity of CERES to precisely calculate the evolution spatio-temporal analysis of the concentration of one or more toxic agents with that of SWORD to model human behavior in an emergency or crisis situation. This integration will allow the display in SWORD of the realistic evolution of a plume in a densely populated urban environment and to calculate the effect of toxic agents on the behavior and health of these populations.

To achieve the objectives mentioned above, SWORD has been enhanced with the following functionalities:

● a capacity for generic enrichment of the physical base of CBRN agents, sensors and associated protection equipment.

● a feature for importing and displaying plume data from CERES,

● an update of knowledge via the detection of the plume,

● the effects of the plume on the population (walkers and population groups) and on the responders,

● new doctrinal behaviors in the face of an CBRN incident

● new walker behaviors to represent different types of reactions to danger: flight, curiosity, amazement.


The exercise to play depends on a certain number of assumptions which are a translation of the business expertise into reportable elements in the simulation:

● Choice of the land studied

● Choice of the toxic agent

- Description of its effects according to its concentration and assimilated doses

- Description of the interaction and detection capacities according to its concentration

- Description of the means of protection and their effects

● Definition of the outline of the propagation of the toxic agent

- Trigger (explosion, simple release, etc.)

- Ephemerides, wind speed

Once these scenario assumptions have been established, the user can initiate the first phase of the CBRN exercise creation process through the SWORD/CERES integration. The CERES/SWORD use and integration process is modeled on the SWORD use process, enhanced with an initial phase, carried out using the CERES tool: the CBRN plume calculation phase.

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