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Date: 2019 - 2020

Project Défense Lab:  C2IA Joint Operations Command and Control 

Research, cross-checking and presentation of information represent up to 70% of a staff's tasks. With this in mind, the objective of the C2IA challenge was to:

  • find a solution to relieve the operational command of ancillary, repetitive and low value-added tasks that could be highly automated,

  • support through simulation and increase the information processing and access capability of those responsible for the planning and conduct of joint operations

    En effet, ces derniers font face à une multitude de sources d’informations structurées ou non structurées, et il est nécessaire de leur permettre de se recentrer sur les tâches nobles d’analyse, d’élaboration de solutions opérationnelles, d’anticipation et d’évaluation.


  • Impact SAS: a C2 software suite already certified "used by the French Armed Forces" that allows real-time data mapping, collaborative work and operations management

  • a 100% explainable, untrained semantic language analysis AI that doesn't store user data

  • MASA Group: an operations simulation engine, capable of modeling doctrine, managing parameter changes and analyzing their impact during an operation

  • Magellium: an AI for geo-information and semantic reading of images



KEOS has been evaluated by the Armed Forces in Guyana. Thanks to AI, data mapping and simulation, the tool allows them to access information extremely quickly and to simulate the impacts of decisions for operations.


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