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Last phase of the ORION exercise, which combines simulated units up to division level and units in open terrain. With its #SWORD software (#SOULT in France) and its support teams, #MASA is fully mobilised to support the forces in the use of simulation. The scale on which simulation is deployed is unprecedented, with several large units fully simulated, including a French division and a US division.

To achieve this level of simulation use in an inter-allied context, the French operators have been reinforced by several dozen British and American operators, who are exploiting the full power of the #SWORD decision models. The allied operators were trained in just a few days in the use of the software and are now mobilised to lead and coordinate the units of their respective organisations. They were impressed by the simplicity of the software, powered by MASA's artificial intelligence, and its ability to get so many staffs to work together.

MASA is very proud to be involved in such a large-scale operation, and it's a great endorsement of the quality and reliability of our products in a particularly demanding context.


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