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Scalable Agile and Multi - Scale Simulation _ _ _

Date: 2015-ongoing

RAPID Project


Within the framework of the SEAM-E project, the partners wanted to propose a simulation solution which made it possible to address, simplify and improve the various stages necessary for the development and evaluation of a system or system of systems, in a credible and complete simulated context. It had to be able to simulate the system studied as it was developed in a simulated operating environment. For this, we studied a new approach integrating multi-scale models which made it possible to adapt the fineness of the simulations according to the progress of the program and the criticality of the events encountered. We sought to apply this multi-scale simulation capability to the physical models involved in the systems and their subsystems, to the behavior of the actors modeled by the system, to the simulation scenarios, and finally to the environment in which the systems.

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