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C nstructive Simulation and Modeling of the Effects of Influence Operations in S ocial Networks

Date: 2013/2017 - Project duration: 44 months

RAPID project


SICOMORES aimed to offer new approaches for generating social networks and propagating the effects of influencing actions on populations with a view to an efficient operationalization of the proposed models in a constructive simulation.

  • MASA Group (SME)

  • LSIS (Laboratory/University)

  • IMS (Laboratory/University)



List of new knowledge:

  • Social network modelling: Typology of social networks, Algorithm for network generation, Proposal of a directive scenario, Population models

  • InfoOps action modeling: Typology of action models, Models of propagation of action effects at local and global level

  • Specification, design and implementation of a demonstrator of the proposed algorithms and models


Technological results obtained:

  • Proposal of a blueprint for InfoOps operations modeling

  • Definition of an InfoOps training system: use case, functional chain and required services

  • Proposal of technical specifications and functional architecture for an InfoOps training system

  • Two complementary modelling approaches: The partners have proposed models for the simulation of the InfoOps environment and missions from different worlds: scientific models based on sociological models, communication etc. on the one hand and models based on RETEX and doctrine on the other.

  • A demonstrator covering the entire functional chain

  • An innovative operational situation monitoring interface adapted to user needs

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