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T actical R eference S ituation on the T actile t A blette , intelli G ent and adapted to funC tional profi le

Date: 2017 - 2021


How can we help trainers in their after action analysis (3A) work?


During an evaluation exercise carried out by means of one or more simulations, all the information is recorded in order to be able to replay and visualize the evolution of the tactical situation, but also to allow a fine analysis. 3A tools such as SWORD offer functionalities for visualizing the situation, accelerating or jumping in time, calculating detailed indicators, and a timeline of past events and missions. These functions therefore allow trainers who have followed the exercise to "zoom in" on a specific manoeuvre or to offer more global feedback on the choices made by the trainees. The media available to him to communicate with the trainee are generally screenshots/videos of the tactical situation as well as graphics.


The STRATEGIC project is positioned here to instrument the work of the 3A in an innovative way by proposing a semi-automated analysis of the course of the exercise based on a narrative reconstruction of the causality of the simulation actions (modelled as a graph). This interpretation aims to facilitate the understanding of the choices or determining events of the scenario and to facilitate communication during the debriefing session. 

This process is based on an interactive data representation system that allows the exploration of the event graph. New representation tools allow to generate thumbnails/slides corresponding to the decisive moments identified by the operator in a narrative graph and thus to propose a synthesis of the global unfolding of the scenario illustrated by instantaneous photographs of the tactical situation. The use of traditional 3A tools remains of course always recommended to obtain a detailed and exhaustive vision of a particular event.

Results at the end of the project:   

A demonstrator allowing:

  • the automatic generation of causal graphs allowing the explanation of particular moments or the highlighting of the role of certain units in the global maneuver

  • automatic generation of operational vignettes offering a summary of the tactical situation or projection tools



The project in detail here

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