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VALO rization of RENS education

Dates: 2020 - 2021

Collaborative study funded by EMAT 


A major challenge for land forces is understanding the tactical situation. In order to facilitate this understanding, the ValoRENS study seeks to estimate the future positions of a ground enemy. To do this, joint teams from MASA and EMAT have developed an algorithm based on artificial intelligence techniques capable of exploiting all the digital data available in near real time. The SWORD/SOULT training software serves as a sandbox for this work, with a view to eventually integrating this algorithm into the SCORPION combat information system.

As a first approach, machine learning techniques could meet the operational need. However, there is no learning base and above all the set of possible cases is infinite. To answer this problem, game theory offers the necessary scientific foundations and provides the first elements of an answer on possible movements and future positions. To go further and make it possible to go from a few isolated detections to the reconstitution of the enemy's position on the battlefield, clustering techniques seem promising, it will then be possible to estimate future balances of forces more finely.


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