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READY  by 


cou R s E of A ction design an D anal Y sis _

Date: 2018 

Financed with own funds 

This project is based on the SWORD simulation, a multi-agent constructive simulation aggregated and automated thanks to the DirectAI technology, an artificial intelligence middleware for modelling human and non-human behaviours.

The READY project therefore aims to offer a new tool on the market that will allow both :

  • to train by learning the impact of decisions and action plans in a simulated world,

  • design and evaluate the robustness and resilience of manoeuvre, response and contingency plans against a variety of events, enemies, disasters, ....

  • to do operational analysis: would my response plan be more effective if I had more equipment? more men? other types of equipment? what would happen if the teams did something different? if the enemy had another plan?

  • to support foresight in order to anticipate future needs in terms of equipment and doctrine. Thus, for example, it is possible to test the effectiveness and interest of new weapon systems or new equipment.

More formally, the goal of READY is to be able to edit 'Courses of Actions' (COA) (variations on the same scenario) to compare them visually(reading several COAs in parallel) or statistically (via indicators compared by analysis of many games of the same COA).



The existing tools on the market in the field of civil security are mainly aimed at helping decision makers to formalize the action plan. Here the proposed solution goes much further and allows to design the plan but also to simulate it, to go back like a video recorder, to change in hypothesis (more means, less means, more casualties, more enemies, another enemy action, another disaster...) and to re-test it in order to evaluate its solidity and its resilience in front of a great number of environments

Further upstream, decision-makers will be able to use it for operational analysis on the one hand (foresight laboratories) and training on the other (training in tactics, plan design, etc.).

Finally, as the simulation is not deterministic, it is also possible to simulate the same scenario a large number of times in order to identify the possible variants of the situation.


A tool for comparison and analysis of simulation results completes the tool proposal, possibly accompanied in the future by a machine learning solution to process the large volume of data generated and optimize action plans.

To go further, it is perfectly possible to propose this tool in crisis cells or in command cells (which was proposed in the  KEOS project as a decision support tool by offering a possibility of rapid, portable and realistic simulation of the plan in the face of a situation which, conventionally, does not correspond to the situation envisaged at the time of its conception.


READY is a tool for designing scenarios and action plans for the military, civil security or organization, simulating them by confronting them with enemies, disasters or exceptional events, modifying them in an iterative way and comparing them.

This lightweight tool runs on commercially available laptops and is easily installed with a few clicks.

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