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MASA Group at I/itsec 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

During I/ITSEC 2022, MASA will show the latest release of SWORD v6.20, used by defense organizations in over 25 countries for computer assisted command post exercises and courses of action analyses.

The 6.20 release of SWORD includes new underwater warfare capabilities to simulate complex scenarios of Navy tasks force operations.

MASA SWORD integration with VBS allowing visualization of disaggregated SWORD entities in VBS, enabling VBS to provide a 3D viewer for the SWORD simulated scenario.

And for the first time at I/ITSEC, we will show you a proof-of-concept integration to SitaWare C2 system allowing Headquarters staff to automate the Course of Action (COA) Analysis step of the Military Appreciation Process (MAP), wargaming possible solutions via simulation to better appreciate outcomes post-H Hour.


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