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MASA Group SA (MASA), a leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-based modeling and simulation software for the defense, crisis management and serious games markets, has been selected by the Land Force Simulation Centre Nigeria to provide its flagship product: the MASA SWORD software.

The Land Forces Simulation Centre Nigeria will initially use MASA SWORD to train its Commanders for both conventional and asymmetric warfare, peacekeeping missions and crisis management and disaster response. MASA SWORD will be used for from Battalion level up to Division and Corps. In a later stage more use cases will be added.

Before selecting this system, the Land Forces Simulation Centre Nigeria made a thorough evaluation of several suppliers and the solutions they were offering for Command Post Training. SWORD was selected for its versatility and possibilities to adapt to Nigerian units, doctrine and challenges specific to the region Nigeria is in. Thanks to SWORD’s advanced AI capabilities, it is possible to simulate complex operations with multiple factions in accelerated real time with relatively few operators. The full range of post-exercise analysis is also provided. Having undergone a comprehensive training program to achieve a high level of proficiency with SWORD, their teams will adapt the content delivered with the product, aligning it with Nigerian military doctrine. This work will result in a fully customized version of SWORD, including Nigerian units, equipment, terrain, urban environments and infrastructure.

The Director General of the Land Forces Simulation Centre Nigeria, Major-General FO Omoigui says: « The MASA SWORD simulation Software is a versatile, robust and flexible solution that has proven to be a veritable tool for simulation and commanders training in the LFSCN”.

Marc de Fritsch, CEO of MASA Group, says « Working closely with this prestigious Simulation Centre and this experienced Army is a privilege for us and we believe that SWORD will serve the industry extremely well. We are welcoming the Land Force Simulation Centre Nigeria to the MASA SWORD community. We are extremely proud of working with the Nigerian Army with 225.000 active personnel in general and the LFSCN in particular. The new Simulation Centre that was recently opened is a Centre which goes even beyond the most advanced standards. Everyone should go see this”.

SWORD is an automated, aggregated and constructive simulation designed to improve training, analysis and decision support for military staffs and decision makers in the crisis management sector. SWORD provides users with highly realistic scenarios and an open simulation platform that is interoperable with other simulations and command and control (C2) systems. It can be deployed via remote servers in the cloud and is available in multiple languages (recent versions include English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic).


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